Discover 5 AI Automation Agency Strategies (Generate $45k/Month).

5 AI Automation Agency Ideas (Make $45k/Month)

A new sort of AI business model is projected to be the next big thing within the online business space.

This is known as an 'AI Automation Agency,' and in just a few months, numerous entrepreneurs are generating an impressive $45,000 per month.

What is an AI Automation Agency?

In simple terms, an AI Automation Agency is a business model where you partner with other companies to help them incorporate AI into their operations and processes.

For instance, you can aid businesses in creating chatbots, content production systems, and AI workflows. These are all methods through which AI can enhance organizational efficiency.

Due to the vast potential customer base, many individuals are excited about this opportunity. Let's consider: which businesses, individually, can benefit the most from increased productivity through the use of AI?

Is starting an AI Automation Agency achievable for me?

If you're reading this, you're already ahead of the curve in AI. Surprisingly, a significant number of companies haven't even started exploring how AI could enhance their operations.

Only one in three adults in the United States has ever tried using an AI tool. We are the early birds, folks!

Think about how long it took for businesses to establish a presence on social media after Facebook and Instagram were launched. The same trend is now happening with artificial intelligence.

Companies are aware of artificial intelligence (AI), but many of them, especially smaller ones, are still uncertain about how to harness its potential.

Here is where you come in to play.

How to Start An AI Automation Agency

Choosing a specific business model should be your initial step when launching an AI Automation Agency.

Using AI tools provides numerous opportunities for a company to enhance productivity and boost profits. It's essential to focus on a specific area where you can help a company leverage AI and become an expert in that niche.

You're in luck if you're uncertain about how to initiate this project. We will explore five AI Automation Agency services that can be launched with minimal prior knowledge in both business and coding.

We even provide guidance on how to deliver these services to customers, enabling you to kickstart your business promptly.

Let’s get into it.

5 AI Automation Agency Services (Best Examples For Beginners)

Idea 1: Personalized Cold Outreach Systems

What’s the problem?
Many companies rely on email marketing as a means to discover new leads and customers. They invest a substantial amount of capital in procuring leads from specialized lead generation businesses. However, the response rates are often disappointing, and many companies face challenges in effectively converting leads into paying clients.

AI Solution:

Your duty is to aid companies in enhancing the conversion rates of their email outreach.

One effective approach to enhance response rates and conversions is to personalize emails. Sending emails that are uniquely tailored to the recipient has consistently proven to yield higher response rates.

After some consideration, which would you be more inclined to respond to: an email that uses your name, mentions a recent article you wrote, and highlights your remarkable professional background, or an email that is plainly generic and has been sent to a thousand other people?

Unless you possess the personality attribute of a sociopath, the solution should be quite clear to you.

Despite the fact that sending personalized emails leads to higher click-through rates and conversions, many companies choose not to implement this strategy due to the perceived time it requires to become effective.

Conversely, AI has the potential to assist you in generating more personalized emails on a broader scale.

How can I deliver this service?

1. The leads and email addresses are delivered in the form of a spreadsheet that contains a link to the individual’s profile on LinkedIn.
2. To scrape data from the individual’s LinkedIn profile, make use of an AI-powered application that does not require coding, such as Browse AI.
3. Make use of a triggered ChatGPT API in order to build a personalised message that incorporates a variety of information specific to the recipient (such as their job experience, recent postings, etc.).
4. Integrate this system with the customer's email and SMS platform.

Idea 2: Staff Training ChatBot

What’s the problem?
Companies that have a high employee turnover, defined as a large number of new hires followed by a large number of resignations or terminations, invest a significant amount of resources in staff training.

One prime example is the use of call centers. Employment in a contact center can be exceptionally demanding, as employees must handle a high volume of customer complaints and strive to meet aggressive targets. This results in a substantial number of contact center agents either resigning or being terminated shortly after commencing their roles.

The cost of training all these new personnel is considerably high. They need to gain knowledge across various departments of the organization, often posing numerous questions that require responses from their supervisors.

AI solution:

A Staff Training ChatBot could offer straightforward answers to the majority of repetitive questions posed by new employees.

The chatbot will deliver an immediate response when a new employee inquires about the location of older templates and documents. Similarly, it will swiftly reply to any new employee seeking guidance on the procedure to follow in the event a client files a complaint.

It is significantly more efficient in every aspect.

How can I deliver this service?

1. Make a request to the owner of the business for all of the training papers and frequently asked questions.
2. Use Botpress or Stack AI to teach a chatbot how to interact with users. Once you’ve uploaded all of the employee training documents, the chatbot will be able to respond appropriately to any questions that are posed by new hires.
3. Incorporate the chatbot into your customer's internal systems.

Idea 3: Customized Plan Generator

What’s the problem?

Developing personalized strategies is a profitable venture across various sectors.

In the realms of nutrition and fitness, personalized meal plans and exercise routines are crafted based on individuals' lifestyles and health objectives. Likewise, the financial services sector offers clients personalized investment strategies, retirement plans, and debt relief options, all tailored to the client's unique financial circumstances.

However, achieving this level of personalization demands a significant amount of time and effort. That was until AI entered the scene..

AI Solution:

You can supply a chatbot with hundreds of past examples of personalized plans for it to learn from.

Following that, all you need to do is furnish a few crucial pieces of client information, and it will generate a tailored plan for the customer, drawing from the repository of previous plans. This saves you numerous hours of labor.

How can I deliver this service?

1. Obtain one hundred prior plan samples from your customer (for the sake of this example, a personal trainer who creates meal plans would serve as a client).
2. Add all one hundred meal plans to a vector database created by StackAI. The AI can use a vector database to assist it in locating the section of a document that is most pertinent to a query.
3. Develop a chatbot that empowers your clients to input relevant information about their customers, including details like the customer's goal to build muscle, peanut sensitivity, and vegan dietary preferences, during their conversations with the chatbot. The chatbot will then rapidly formulate a customized strategy tailored to these specific needs.

Idea 4: Onboarding Chat Assistant

What’s the problem?

The process of onboarding new customers can at times be challenging and time-consuming for organizations. An inefficient system not only affects how customers perceive the company but also hinders the company's growth.

Consider a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm that continually attracts new clients. Each client must undergo a multi-step onboarding process, which involves familiarizing themselves with the product's features, setting up their account, and reviewing their contract, among other tasks. This process demands substantial effort and support, both of which come at a considerable cost for the company.

AI Solution:

An AI-powered Onboarding Chat Assistant can streamline the process by offering timely and accurate responses to common inquiries, guiding customers through form and contract completion, and providing continuous assistance throughout the onboarding process.

How can I deliver this service?

1. To get started, start by hosting workshops with customers to get an in-depth understanding of their current onboarding process.
2. Put this information to use by developing an AI chatbot that can do the task in a manner similar to the original, but more quickly. Create a chatbot that is not only user-friendly but also intelligent and engaging by making use of AI platforms.
3. Implement the chatbot on the customer's website and integrate it with the customer's existing systems to ensure a seamless transition.

Idea 5: Airbnb Guest Support Chat

What’s the problem?
Handling inquiries from guests at multiple Airbnb properties can be a logistical challenge for hosts, particularly when they manage numerous homes. Guests often inquire about key locations, WiFi passwords, and checkout times.

Responding to these recurring questions can become challenging and time-consuming for the host, especially when attendees are in different time zones.

AI solution:

An Airbnb Guest Support Chatbot is one potential solution that can effectively address this challenge. By providing automated responses to the most common guest queries, hosts can free up more time to focus on enhancing their properties and the overall guest experience. This allows AI to handle routine tasks, streamlining the process for hosts.

Hosts' capacity to provide assistance to their guests around the clock without added effort leads to heightened guest satisfaction and a decrease in the workload for hosts.

How can I deliver this service?

1. To get started, make a list of all of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that the property owner has provided.
2. Using AI chatbot platforms, construct a chatbot that is geared to answer these frequently asked questions in a timely and correct manner.
3. After constructing the chatbot, deploy it on popular messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram to ensure easy access for visitors.

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