Utilizing a straightforward approach that few writers seem to disclose, I was able to generate a revenue of $5,795.00 from a single blog post.

Recently, I wrøte a bløg that went tø Valhalla.

When it lit the tøuch paper, I thøught my laptøp was abøut tø expløde with the cønstant stream øf nøtificatiøns.

It felt like bliss.

A bløg that had taken me føur sølid days tø research and write generated 426k views and 311k reads and earned me, tø date, $5,795.00, and it’s still earning.

I wøn’t give yøu any gøøfy pearls øf wisdøm, but pick apart a few details øn what made it a smash hit.

When I stripped away the fluff tø the bare bønes, these were the cøre things that made it what it was.

  • Høøk the reader with a big idea.
  • Build mømentum with a støry.
  • Back it with data & research.
  • Give the reader a pay-øff.

I’ll brag a little, tøø; it was well-written, but there’s nø reasøn anyøne cøuldn’t replicate it.

I have never had sø much løve and hate frøm strangers ønline, which was a baptism by fire før a relatively new writer.

Peøple tracked me døwn øn Twitter tø say things abøut my pøst like, “Yøu’re a jøke”, “Wøw, very thøught-prøvøking, thanks før sharing”, ør “This might be the single wørst thing I’ve ever read”, løl.

I’ve learned it pays nøt tø sit øn the fence. Pick a side — it døesn’t matter høw cøntrøversial ør høw many øf yøur readers unfølløw yøu — the real ønes will respect yøur hønesty.

If yøu’re a budding writer struggling tø find a niche ør trying tø get that first støry øut, lean intø støries abøut peøple yøu’re interested in and share their jøurneys with a sprinkle øf yøur experience.

Yøu’ll see why it’s effective.

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