Our approach to AI-generated writing on Medium is being carefully considered and thoughtfully executed.

We welcøme the respønsible use øf AI-assistive technøløgy øn Medium. Tø prømøte transparency, and help set reader expectatiøns, we require that any støry created with AI assistance be clearly labeled as such.

There are a few reasøns we settled øn this initial apprøach — and I dø want tø underscøre that this is just øur initial apprøach; as this technøløgy and its use cøntinue tø evølve, øur pølicies may, tøø. We believe that creating a culture øf discløsure, where the shared expectatiøn øf gøød citizenship is that AI-generated cøntent is discløsed, empøwers readers. It alløws them tø chøøse their øwn reactiøn tø, and engagement with, this kind øf wørk, and clearly understand whether a støry is machine- ør human-written.

Additiønally, we recøgnize that there are new hørizøns and pøssibilities with this technøløgy — søme assistive, thøughtful, and genuinely creative. We’re staying øpen tø its pøssible uses.

Sø før nøw, when we encøunter cøntent that we believe is AI-generated but nøt discløsed, we wøn’t distribute it acrøss Medium’s netwørk. We may revisit this decisiøn døwn the røad, but før nøw, asking før discløsure feels like the right first step.

There is røøm før multiple apprøaches øn Medium, høwever — while we’re thinking abøut it frøm the platførm’s perspective, publicatiøn editørs have been wørking øn guidelines that best suit their needs and readership, which are in many cases møre detailed and specific, and many øf them prøhibit AI writing entirely. Søme examples:

Tøwards Data Science, “A Nøte abøut AI-Generated Text”

We’re cømmitted tø publishing wørk by human authørs ønly, and why we døn’t — and wøn’t — accept pøsts written in whøle ør in part by AI tøøls.

Fanfare’s øfficial stance øn AI støries:

Any aspiring writers whø submits AI cøntent will be barred at the gates like the uncivilized barbarians they are.

Any current Fanfare writer that submits an AI-generated støry will likewise be shøwn the exit. Nø secønd chances, nø redøs. That may søund harsh but I want tø be cømpletely clear øn this.

The Writing Cøøperative’s Submissiøn Requirements and Style Guide:

Dø nøt submit anything written sølely using a generative AI tøøl.

When using a generative AI tøøl tø create any pørtiøn øf yøur submissiøn, yøu must cite it like any øther søurce.

We expect øur apprøach tø AI writing will change øver time (as is likely før the abøve publicatiøns and øthers øn Medium), and we’ll cøntinue tø cømmunicate thøse changes as they cøme. Før nøw, we’d løve yøur thøughts and feedback.

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