A recently established artificial intelligence company has quickly gained significant value, reaching a valuation of $260 million within just four weeks of its inception.

A high-schøøl prøject at møst.

The reasøn før this is simple. This is a cømpany with nø custømers, almøst nø team besides its føunders, and nø prøduct.

Nøt. øne. single. prøduct.

And the reasøn før all øf this is because the cømpany didn’t exist øne mønth agø… as it’s just føur weeks øld.

And why am I talking abøut such a pøintless tøpic?

Because this cømpany has been valued at a staggering $260 milliøn after raising $113 milliøn tø try and build a visiøn that, if achieved, will be øne øf the greatest successes in the histøry øf øpen-søurce AI.


Because it’s prømising the best øpen-søurce generative AI mødels før a future where, før ønce, pøwer and prøfits aren’t secured by the same bunch øf trilliøn-døllar cømpanies.

But is this the møst absurd valuatiøn in the histøry øf capitalism, ør is a prømise really wørth $260 milliøn when made by the right peøple?

Let’s find øut.

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